Welcome to CW Business Support Associates.  We recognize that the
independent business owner or manager is extremely busy.   We provide
what you need as you need it.

What Results Do you Want to Achieve?

Independent business owners and managers are generally so busy with their
day-to-day activities, they often do not have the
time to address their
additional goals.  In addition, while large corporations have access to multiple
disciplines because of the specialization of the various departments they
have,  SMB owners and managers are required to fill all of these roles
themselves and, therefore, do not have access to the
knowledge base of
these various specialties.  


CW Business Support Associates, LLC provides incremental management
support where it is needed
.   We provide experienced executives to assist
Independent Businesses, mostly Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB's), in
"Solving the Business Puzzle".And because Chuck Walsh, the principal, is an
Executive Associate accredited by the
Institute for Independent Business, he
can draw from over 4,500 Accredited Executive Associates worldwide,
providing the broadest base of knowledge and support.

Where to Start?

Call Chuck Walsh at 410.203.1093 or email him at info@cwbsa.com.  We can
arrange a meeting to discuss your business and provide some suggestions.  
That first meeting is free, so take good advantage of it.  It is an opportunity for
you to share with an experienced executive what you want to do, where you
want to go and discuss some of those hurdles you have had problems with or
have not had time to address.  We can help you with
"solving the business
"Solving the
Business Puzzle"
CW Business Support Associates, LLC
Experienced Executives Assisting Independent Businesses