About the Principal

The Principal

Chuck Walsh
 is an accredited Executive Associate of The Institute for
Independent Business, a not-for-profit research and accreditation
organization committed to helping Independent Businesses, mostly Small
and Mid- Sized Businesses (SMB's) address and resolve their individual
business problems since 2003.

Mr.  Walsh has held management positions in systems development,
product management, operations management, program/ project
management, strategic planning and as a Big 5 Consulting manager.
Senior Management positions included VP Strategic Planning and
Technology Division Manager.  
"Solving the
Business Puzzle"
CW Business Support Associates, LLC
Experienced Executives Assisting Independent Businesses
Mr. Walsh has worked with a number of industries including Financial Services,
manufacturing, education, transportation, health care, government, and quasi-
government.  Some of his accomplishments included developing a customer and
product profitability model; developing drivers for profitability for various businesses;
managing the development of systems for both; managing an operational area in the
top 5% of its peers; reorganizing a failing multi-million dollar development project and
bringing it to completion; realigning a project to increase revenue by $1 million;
managing a multi-year, multi-million dollar modernization effort which was recognized
by the technical press for not only its technical accomplishment but also for the
preparation of the organization for change.

Mr. Walsh has a MAS/MBA with concentrations in finance and operations, a MA in
Physics and a BES in Engineering Physics (dual major in Computer Science and
Physics), all from the Johns Hopkins University.  He has extensive experience in
budgeting, planning and control, human resources, purchasing, project and program
management, process development, strategic development and the integration of
technology and process.

Among the community service positions, Mr. Walsh has chaired the Howard County
School Board’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) as well as the CAC Curriculum/
Policy & Procedure Committee.