Business Support Program
The Business Support Program was designed
by the
Institute for Independent Business and is
available to qualifying clients through our
Principal Chuck Walsh.  Through the BSP, you
will receive expert support for up to 12 months,
to assist your company in any and every way
possible, while also providing a ‘business
friend’ for you.        
Practical Advice     Expert Guidance     Professional Support
The BSP can provide expert analysis & guidance to help you deal with the
issues of running your business.  You don’t have to go it alone. Now you
can get cost effective help… for expert analysis and guidance…from
experienced managers …
for Practical Advice That Works!

Under this program, you will have access to a network of over 4,500
Executive Associates. This incredible pool of talent is available to you to
ensure that you get the very top information, guidance and support in
virtually any aspect of your business..

Where do you start?
You can go to the contact screen or call 410.203.1093 or just e-mail
Chuck Walsh at  Chuck will set up an appointment, at
no fee, to discuss your business, the opportunities and issues you may
have, some possible solutions.
"Solving the
Business Puzzle"
CW Business Support Associates, LLC
Experienced Executives Assisting Independent Businesses