"Solving the
Business Puzzle"
CW Business Support Associates, LLC
Experienced Executives Assisting Independent Businesses

CW Business Support Associates, LLC
works with companies across a full
spectrum of issues.  Here are a few:
Business Unprofitable
Business loosing money for a number of years.

  • Analyzed the business
  • Determined owner was actually running 3 businesses
  • Broke out expenses and income
  • Identified 1 business as profitable - expanded that business
  • Identified 1 business on the border - improved inventory control,
    focused selling activity - moved the business to profitability
  • Identified 1 business as a loss - based on available competition, did not
    see this business going to profitability - eliminated the business

Results: When business was sold, significant improvement in the price

Owner Not Having Time
Owner swamped with work, but supported by a office staff.  Time spent in the
office was taking away from time with clients, as well as family life.

  • Reviewed current office procedures
  • Identified areas for delegation
  • Established control points to ensure quality
  • Completed procedures
  • Reallocated responsibilities

Results: Owner had more time to address areas of importance.  Staff felt they
were contributing more to the business.

Training not Taking
Client was providing two weeks of training before putting people in the field,
but found that the training was not taking.  Also personnel turnover was high
from frustration.

  • Training was covering over a dozen tasks, none of which the trainee
    was familiar
  • Opportunity to exercise the training depended on when jobs needed it
  • Recommended training in pieces with the easiest and most common
    tasks first
  • As trainees ready, introduced more complicated tasks.

Results: Better quality, greater productivity, turnover significantly reduced.  
What's more, the trainees were being aggressive about moving to the next
step when they were ready.

Cannot Tell if Making Profit
Looking at the accounting P&L and the balance sheets, could not tell if
company was making a profit.  Much of this was due to the timings of revenue
and expense as well as the fact that the numbers were across a number of

 * Reviewed current accounting approach
 * Determined from the client and his accountant how the various
   accounting items needed to be considered.
 * Established and documented the procedures to be executed to
   manage the items in their Quickbooks accounts

Results: Ongoing profitability can now be determined.  Project profitability is
better managed.  Accountant gets the information he needs for taxes.

So What Can We Do for You.
In the vast majority of cases, we have the resources you need locally.  We
work with you a few hours a week until you are ready.  If you need something
more, we have over 4,500 executive associates internationally across
virtually all industries from which to draw.