What Do You Need?
The major advantage of working with an experienced executive with a wide range
of experience is that the support you receive will be
directed to what you need,
not what we have to sell.  Do you need
expertise to handle a specific opportunity
or problem?  It might be because you lack that
knowledge or do not have time to
do it your self? Maybe you need some
coaching for your self or part of your
organization?  We find that is the case as companies are trying to expand into
that next level.  Maybe you just need another manager with
another view to
discuss problems and issues.  Large companies have this naturally as different
managers with different responsibilities bring different perspectives.  It is difficult
to always have to do and figure out issues and opportunities with no one to
bounce things off of.  So here is what we can bring to your table:
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Business Process
  • Technology
  • Management Development
  • Finance (including P&L , Cash Flow
    and financing)
  • Production Improvement
  • Sales/ Marketing Development
  • Human Resources
  • Help you improve your management structure and communication
  • Assist you in developing your people into managers
  • Instituting organizational controls that assist your company in performing
  • Help you convert your values and priorities into a meaningful operation

Another Point of View
  • Have worked with businesses and functions from many industries
  • Have worked with large companies
  • Since 2003, have worked with Small and Mid-sized Businesses
  • Access to over 4,500 other Senior Executives worldwide

And We Will Help You Implement As Well!!!   Whatever You Need!!!
"Solving the
Business Puzzle"
CW Business Support Associates, LLC
Experienced Executives Assisting Independent Businesses